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Awesome Features

PINTRUM offers all the necessary features that are necessary for managing your restaurant better. Through our experience, we have been able to incorporate the needs of restaurant owners.

  • User-Friendly

    It’s super easy to use, so you can focus on business!

    We designed Pintrum to the highest standards of usability and user experience so that you and your staff can focus on what matters — delighting your customers and growing your business.

    Central to Pintrum is its POS screen, and we designed it to be elegant and powerful. Your staff will be instantly comfortable with the interface. We use caching and page optimizations so that it fires up instantly. And we created it to work with both touch and regular screens.

  • Seriously Low Cost

    Starting from just $20 a month, pay-as-you-go! Pintrum fits your needs… and your budget!

    We’ve designed our pricing plans to fit any size of restaurant — tiny to large.
    Pintrum works on a simple, cost-effective subscription model so you pay monthly as you use it. Whether you’re a cafeteria or a multi-chain restaurant, there’s a plan to fit your needs…and your budget.

  • Accessible On Any Device

    Pintrum runs on desktops, laptops, tablets, even smartphones. No need for proprietary hardware.

    Because Pintrum runs on the internet, it is compatible with any device that has a browser, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
    Have your waiters take orders directly on handhelds. No proprietary hardware required.

  • Offline Mode

    No internet? No problem. Pintrum's core POS will keep your business going… even if you’re offline.

    Pintrum’s ‘Offline Mode' uses the latest in web technology to punch walk-in orders even when there’s no internet available. When Pintrum detects that your internet connection is back, it synchronises again with the server and retrieves the orders punched offline. So it’s business as usual.

  • Super Business Dashboard

    Monitor your business remotely. Deep insights. Intelligent reporting.

    Pintrum’s dashboard gives you great LIVE insights into every aspect of your business, from top selling menu items to top performing staff, from total orders across your outlets to cancelled orders.
    Pintrum’s dashboard features report ‘widgets’, blocks that can be rearranged and resized, so that you can customize it to look the way you like.

  • Back Office & Inventory Done Right

    Total back office & inventory management; every aspect of your process chain, now in control… the easy way.

    We understand the challenge of every restaurant owner: to control costs, increase profitability, maintain excellent controls and food quality!
    Pintrum’s back office and inventory module was built with you in mind. Manage food costs with our infinitely usable recipe management feature. Send purchase orders and receive inventory with a single click. Track stock movement and your Cost of Goods LIVE! Do stock takes directly on a tablet — no more excel printouts. Every aspect of Pintrum’s back office was designed to make managing your inventory and controlling your costs super easy.

  • Scalable

    Scale your business with a click. Pintrum loves it when you grow!

    Whether you run a single restaurant or a chain, Pintrum scales at the click of a button. Pintrum works great for single restaurants, but it’s been designed from ground up to support multiple outlets.
    Now all your outlets can be monitored centrally. Control the menu and staff access across all your branches from a single administration.

  • The complete solution for your restaurant!
    PINTRUM offers all the necessary features that are necessary for managing your restaurant better. Through our experience, we have been able to incorporate the needs of restaurant owners, managers and their team like none other. So while you focus on providing the best possible service for your customers, we ensure our POS solution helps you serving them to the fullest.

  • The complete solution for your Retail Stores!
    PINTRUM is made for grocery stores, departmental stores and supermarket owners so they can operate their stores seamlessly. While keeping things simple, our aim is to provide all the necessary features you need while ensuring speed, accuracy and control. Coupled with complete reporting feature, you can know whatever is happening in your store anytime you want to know.

  • Pharma industry
    Pharma industry is complicated. We understood this through our experience working with this industry trying to find out how pharma stores operate and the problems they face. Realizing their requirements, we customized our core POS and introduced a customized POS solution, PINTRUM for Pharma, for drug stores. Today PINTRUM is helping medical and pharmacies run their businesses smoothly.

  • The complete solution for your Fashion!
    At PINTRUM we understand that every business type has it own set of needs and requirements. That is the reason we have introduced PINTRUM for Fashion: a customized solution for apparel, footwear and other fashion outlets. A complete click based solution that makes running a fashion outlet easy so you can give your utmost attention towards your creativity and business while our solution handles your operations.

The perfect POS software for multi-store retailers

Easily manage and grow your business with pintrum, no matter how
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